tourism phobia

Poor Tourist? No thanks!

Tourism-phobia is growing in Europe and poor tourists will suffer

First it’s immigrants, now it’s tourists. From Barcelona to Berlin, locals 1have had it with visitors, particularly poor ones, which, of course, are in the majority.


Tourism brings Spain 11% of its GDP while Amsterdam earns €80 million a year from tourists looking for Dutch 2charm and coffee shops where they can smoke marijuana without having the police breathing down their necks.

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The culture clash in Benidorm

Although there are notable cultural differences between the British and the Spanish, for 60 years they have been 1thrown together by the pound and the sun in tourist resorts such as Benidorm where, according to the Benidorm Tourist Information Office, the British account for 50% of the city’s visitors.


This 2odd relationship began in the 1950s when the town’s 3mayor Pedro Zaragoza 4hopped on his scooter and rode to Madrid to ask General Francisco Franco 5to allow foreign female tourists to wear bikinis. Curiously, Franco gave his permission, but local girls in bikinis continued to be 6fined for indecent exposure.

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