Prince Harry

Prince Harry: Britain’s King of Hearts

Like his mother Princess Diana, Prince Harry is a man of the people. He has a natural way of connecting. Perhaps because he is not afraid of 1embracing his vulnerability.

Researcher Professor at Houston University, Brené Brown says, “Connection is why we’re here. It’s what gives us purpose and meaning to our lives… In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen, vulnerably seen.”

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Eton: educating the elite

Its 1former students include 19 British Prime Ministers, Prince Harry and Prince William, Homeland’s Damian Lewis and The Danish Girl’s Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne, so it is not surprising that Eton is the most famous 2public school in the world, attracting many students from abroad, including 30 from Spain.


Described by the UK Good School’s Guide as “3second to none4with regard to teaching and facilities, it costs €41,000 a year. Not cheap but not the most expensive establishment 5of its kind either. Switzerland, for example, has a number of 6boarding schools for double the price but possibly half the prestige.

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