One in a hundred children have psychopathic traits

Can children from normal families be psychopaths?

Psychopathic traits in children need to be addressed to stop them developing into the stuff of horror movies

Many of us 1wonder what makes psychopaths. When we hear about Stephen Paddock shooting into an innocent crowd in Las Vegas or the ten-year-old Liverpuddlians who hit two-year-old James Bulger with bricks and left him on a train line in 1993 to be 2split in half by a train, we desperately want to understand why. If we could only understand, maybe we could 3fix it.

Around 1% of children have what experts call “4callous, unemotional traits” – behavior that would be considered psychopathic in an adult.

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Three therapists talk confidence in kids

When I was small, my mother put me in a large 1pram, which she parked at the end of the garden so she couldn’t hear me. We lived on a farm on the east coast of Scotland where the weather was bad. But as long as it wasn’t pouring with rain, that’s where I stayed for a couple of hours every day.


When I reached the age of five, my mother waved from the back door of our house as my sister and I joined the other farm children for the two-mile walk across the fields to school. The journeys were 2challenging. There was Flika, the Shetland pony with sharp teeth, Bruno the paranoid Labrador and Willy and Ian, a couple of boys who had cut a dog’s head off with an 3axe and loved to push us into the 4nettles that grew along the sides of the path.

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