tourism phobia

Poor Tourist? No thanks!

Tourism-phobia is growing in Europe and poor tourists will suffer

First it’s immigrants, now it’s tourists. From Barcelona to Berlin, locals 1have had it with visitors, particularly poor ones, which, of course, are in the majority.


Tourism brings Spain 11% of its GDP while Amsterdam earns €80 million a year from tourists looking for Dutch 2charm and coffee shops where they can smoke marijuana without having the police breathing down their necks.

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Racist? Me? Do the test…

With the 1backlash against Muslims following terrorism attacks, the anti-immigration feelings behind Brexit and Donald Trump’s proposed travel 2ban for 6 Muslim countries, many people are expressing resistance to an increasingly global reality. But how many of us are prepared to call ourselves racist?


Many psychologists believe that all of us are racist to some degree. The British, the Germans, the Americans, the Indians, the Chinese ­– every nationality under the sun, even the Spanish.

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