Will Trump’s antiquated views on climate change usher in a new world power?

The Americans have voted casino and real estate tycoon Donald Trump in as their president and the rest of us have to pay for it, particularly 2when it concerns 3climate change – not to mention 4foreign policy.

Or is this the moment when the power the United States has over the rest of the world 5goes into decline?

President Obama 6led the battle cry at the 2015 climate change 7summit in Paris where world leaders agreed to start the 8daunting task of building a 9fossil-fuel-free economy. “There are hundreds of billions of dollars ready 10to deploy to countries around the world if they get the signal that 11we mean business this time. Let’s get to work!” he said.

After Paris, there was another conference in Morocco where delegates met to speak about the details of cutting global emissions. But while they were doing so, a certain billionaire – a reality TV star and a regular in celebrity magazines like Hello! – was voted into the White House. His opinion on climate change? “It will get a little cooler, it will get a little warmer like it always has for millions of years. It’s called weather.”

Trump is embarrassingly 12out of touch, it seems. Not only do 97% of scientists agree that climate change exists and we have an impact on it but company employees and 13shareholders want to see their own companies cutting emissions. The younger generation particularly wants to work for or invest in a cool green company.

Trump might argue that regulations are obviously not needed then. But his uncool opinions mean he is taking his country in one direction while the rest of the world has decided to go in the other. The question now is, who will lead the rest of the world into this virgin territory?

As Trump and his cabinet of oil and energy executives 14threaten to 15unwind the regulations that 16have been put in place over the last few decades, China and the European Union are preparing 17to step into Obama’s shoes. A Chinese government statement issued at the Morocco climate conference predicted that China would increase its moral leadership in global climate actions and this leadership would 18spill over into other areas of global governance,

China? The country where the bigger cities are so polluted, you can 19barely see?

Yes. China 20is cleaning up its act fast and preparing to dominate the market in clean energy technology. They want to supply the world with solar panels and 21wind turbines and hydro equipment. The Chinese are investing massively in cutting emissions and have an 22unshakeable interest in establishing a world economy powered by clean energy.


1Usher in: Abrir la puerta a

2When it concerns: Cuando se trata de

3Climate change: Cambio climático

4Foreign policy: Política exterior

5Go into deline: Entrar en declive

6Lead the battle cry: Dirigir la batalla

7Summit: Cumbre

8Daunting task: Tarea abrumadora

9Fossil-fuel-free economy: Un economía libre de combustibles fósiles

10To deploy: Utilizar

11We mean business: Queremos comprometernos de verdad

12Out of touch: Desconectado de la realidad

13Shareholders: accionistas

14Threaten: Amenazar

15Unwind: Deshacer

16Have been put in place: Se han establecido

17To step into someone’s shoes: Ocupar el lugar de alguien

18Spill over: Tener un efecto indirecto

19Barely: Apenas

20Clean up its act: Enmendarse

21Wind turbines: Turbinas eólicas

22Unshakeable: inquebrantable

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  1. my2cents

    Not sure if “antiquated” is the best word to describe Trump’s views on Climate Change. I think the correct nomenclature would be: “plain stupid”.

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