Melania Trump: a model designers are refusing to dress

1Despite the years I spent writing for Hello! magazine, I was 2never one jot interested in what fashion designers or celebrities like Melania Trump had to say. But when I heard that certain US style gurus such as Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford were refusing ‘to dress’ America’s new First Lady, I 3pricked up my ears.

Melania Trump is beautiful if you like that kind of thing – 4a cross between 1970s sex symbol Raquel Welch and Barbie. Her look is 5‘glamazon’ rather than 6effortless. But there is not much more to say about her. A former Slovenian model, she smiles and 7pouts and smiles some more, without recognizing the irony of being a 8low-skilled immigrant listening to her husband 9rant against low-skilled immigrants.

According to People magazine, her 10hobbies are pilates and reading magazines while a book called Melania Trump: The Inside Story, by Bojan Požar and Igor Omerza provides us with this 11insight: “Everything that had to do with fashion and beauty interested her, and she discovered her own talent for design and creation at an early age. In her father’s garage, for instance, she cleaned, repaired, and repainted a dilapidated old 12cart and 13turned it into a 14plant holder; she was also very 15fond of 16knitting wool.”

17So much for her. So much for having a woman who can make a difference in the White House. Still, despite appearing to have little to offer, it is difficult not to feel sorry for the woman who spent most of her husband’s presidential campaign at home with their 10-year-old son, Barron Trump in Trump Towers.

She met the Donald at a New York party and refused to give him her telephone number probably because he had come with another woman. He persisted and she was one over by his … (18fill in the blank).

Now this apparently insipid woman is 19under scrutiny. A video of the Trumps’ arrival at the White House shows her husband 20hoofing it up the stairs 21to greet the Obamas before she has even got out of the car. In contrast, Barack Obama gallantly waits for her wife and makes sure she goes up the steps first eight years earlier.

Now to make matters worse, the people she might be able to relate to appear to be against her. Marc Jacobs told fashion industry magazine WWD, “I have no interest 22whatsoever in dressing Melania Trump. Personally, I’d rather put my energy into helping out those who will be hurt by [Donald] Trump and his supporters.”

Tom Ford was even less 23flattering. He told The View magazine, “I was asked to dress [Melania Trump] quite a few years ago and I declined. She’s not necessarily my image.”

And while Tommy Hilfiger has said that “any designer should be proud to dress her” and Carolina Herrera agrees, it seems that Melania has divided the fashion industry in the same way her husband has divided the nation. It is difficult to know what the First Lady might think of that as she sits alone in Trump Towers waiting for her son to finish his school term.



1Despite: a pesar de

2not one jot: ni un apice

3pricked up my ears: presté atención

4a cross between: una mezcla de

5‘glamazon’: una mezcla entre glamorosa y amazona

6effortless: natural

7pouts: hacer pucheros

8low-skilled: poco cualificados

9rant: despotricar

10hobbies: pasatiempos

11insight: percepción

12cart: carro

13turned it into: le transformó en

14plant holder: jardinera

15fond of: gustar

16knitting wool: lana para tejer

17So much for her: allá ella!

18fill in the blank: rellenar el espacio

19under scrutiny: estar objecto de examen

20hoofing it up: subir corriendo

21to greet: saludar

22whatsoever: de ninguna manera

23flattering: halagador

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