Give and take in the Pearl of Africa

If you want an authentic volunteer travel experience engaging with a rural community in Uganda while supporting their community tourism initiative, Nómadas Solidarios will take you and provide backup during your stay for a period of three to four weeks, according to your plans.

Our destination will either be a community just outside the Murchison Falls national park not far from Masindi or the Kibingo community outside Mbarara where you will teach in the local primary

school and share your skills – cooking, baking, environmental – with the locals.

In return, the people in the community will share their jewellery and weaving skills with you, as well as inviting you to join their singing and dancing, not to mention teaching you some of the local language and tribal history.

Volunteer and go wild

You are about to share your enthusiasm and particular skill set with primary school students as well as making them available to the community’s tourism initiative.

Activities with the students can include art, cooking, music, sport, dance, games, English etc. We are there to help you prepare the classes.

Meanwhile, basic DIY and decor skills can come in handy for the community tourism project.

In exchange, the children will show you some of their particular skills, such as jewellery making, songs and dances and teach you some useful words and expressions in the local language.

Non-native English speakers can choose to brush up on their English with an hour of conversation class in the evening with a native English speaker.

There is also the option of visiting one of the spectacular wildlife parks, including Murchison Falls in the north of the country .

Flexible itinerary

Madrid – Kampala

Taxi to Kampala’s Red Chilli backpackers hostel

Car to Boomu Women’s tourism initiative/ Masindi

5 days in Boomu

One or two days in Murchison Falls wildlife park

5 days in Boomu

Car to Igayaza

1 day visiting the NGO Adelante Africa

Igayaza – Fort Portal/ Kasenda (West) by car

Two nights in NGO Kelele Africa’s community tourism with visit to lakes and Queen Elizabeth National Park or Kibale Chimpanzee trek

Bus to Kampala

One night in the Red Chilli backpackers hostel


Approximate cost

Flights to Uganda are approximately €700, depending on the time of year.

Food and accommodation while volunteering is around €12 a day.

The cost of travel within Uganda depends on whether

local buses are used or private cars. In the case of private vehicles, each volunteer can expect to pay around €200 to €300.

Entry to the parks and transport around them is around €100 a day.

Community tourism full board is €35 a day.