Melania Trump: a model designers are refusing to dress

1Despite the years I spent writing for Hello! magazine, I was 2never one jot interested in what fashion designers or celebrities like Melania Trump had to say. But when I heard that certain US style gurus such as Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford were refusing ‘to dress’ America’s new First Lady, I 3pricked up my ears.

Melania Trump is beautiful if you like that kind of thing – 4a cross between 1970s sex symbol Raquel Welch and Barbie. Her look is 5‘glamazon’ rather than 6effortless. But there is not much more to say about her. A former Slovenian model, she smiles and 7pouts and smiles some more, without recognizing the irony of being a 8low-skilled immigrant listening to her husband 9rant against low-skilled immigrants.

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Goodbye Blessing


When I first 1found out about the children’s home Omwaana Tugende, which 2is run by the Spanish/ Ugandan NGO Adelante Africa, I wasn’t sure what it did and why it was necessary. Had there been a war in the area, I 3wondered. Why were there so many 4orphans? It was all very 5vague and 6far away.

At the time I was working for Hello! magazine and only playing with the idea of 7setting up Nómadas Solidarios. Thankfully, that period of my life came to an end and I had the chance to travel to Uganda and not only see Omwaana Tugende for myself but stay there and meet the children I had wondered about.

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Will Trump’s antiquated views on climate change usher in a new world power?

The Americans have voted casino and real estate tycoon Donald Trump in as their president and the rest of us have to pay for it, particularly 2when it concerns 3climate change – not to mention 4foreign policy.

Or is this the moment when the power the United States has over the rest of the world 5goes into decline?

President Obama 6led the battle cry at the 2015 climate change 7summit in Paris where world leaders agreed to start the 8daunting task of building a 9fossil-fuel-free economy. “There are hundreds of billions of dollars ready 10to deploy to countries around the world if they get the signal that 11we mean business this time. Let’s get to work!” he said.

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