El Viaje Nómadas

Nómadas Solidarios aposta por el turismo comunitario combinando estancias comunitarias de 2 a 3 semanas con actividades de voluntariado en la escuela y la clínica locales, ofreciendo a los viajeros la posibilidad de sumergirse plenamente en la cultura local y, al mismo tiempo, fomentar la economía rural en el mundo en desarrollo. Llevamos grupos pequeños acompañados por un profesor de inglés nativo para ayudar en la preparación de las clases y también para dar clases a los viajeros que lo soliciten durante el viaje.

The Nómadas trip

Nómadas Solidarios supports community tourism initiatives by combining 2- to 3-week community stays with volunteering activities at the local school and clinic, offering travellers the chance to fully immerse themselves in local culture while nurturing the rural economy in the developing world. We take small groups accompanied by a native English teacher to help with the preparation of classes and to give classes to travellers on request during the trip.

N§ Easy Reads: A look at the world in plain English

Uganda coronavirus

Coronavirus blocked in Uganda but at what price?

Another 3.15 million will fall below the poverty line thanks to the lockdown

There have been no recorded coronavirus deaths in Uganda and only 1,025 confirmed cases, according to the World Health Organisation.

In fact, all over Africa the figures are minimal compared to those in Europe – Spain with 28,403 deaths on July 14, 2020, the US – 134,704 deaths – and Brazil – 72,100 deaths.

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Nómadas Solidarios mini music festival

Nómadas Solidarios Mini Music Festival

Musicians young and not so young sing their hearts out for Uganda!

Last Saturday, Nómadas Solidarios held a mini music festival in the finca Entorno Doñana, el Boalo, to raise funds for Adelante África which runs a children’s home for abandoned kids in the west of Uganda as well as running a secondary school  other initiatives including a community tourism project. The money is also to go to materials for the primary school in Kibingo, Uganda, where we volunteered in July.

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One in a hundred children have psychopathic traits

Can children from normal families be psychopaths?

Psychopathic traits in children need to be addressed to stop them developing into the stuff of horror movies

Many of us 1wonder what makes psychopaths. When we hear about Stephen Paddock shooting into an innocent crowd in Las Vegas or the ten-year-old Liverpuddlians who hit two-year-old James Bulger with bricks and left him on a train line in 1993 to be 2split in half by a train, we desperately want to understand why. If we could only understand, maybe we could 3fix it.

Around 1% of children have what experts call “4callous, unemotional traits” – behavior that would be considered psychopathic in an adult.

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