¿Qué es un viaje solidario?

Nómadas Solidarios aposta por el turismo comunitario que ofrece la oportunidad de sumergirte en la cultura del país elegido, fomentando independencia económica en el mundo en desarollo. Llevamos grupos pequeños acompañados por una profesora de Inglés.

También combinamos voluntariados acompañados con turismo comunitario. En este caso, la profesora de Inglés ayuda a los voluntarios a preparar sus clases.

What is solidarity + travel?

Nómadas Solidarios supports community tourism initiatives that offer travellers the chance to immerse themselves in local culture while nurturing the rural economy in the developing world. We take small groups accompanied by a native English teacher.

We also combine accompanied volunteering with community tourism. In this case, the teacher helps the volunteers to prepare their classes.

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One in a hundred children have psychopathic traits

Can children from normal families be psychopaths?

Psychopathic traits in children need to be addressed to stop them developing into the stuff of horror movies

Many of us 1wonder what makes psychopaths. When we hear about Stephen Paddock shooting into an innocent crowd in Las Vegas or the ten-year-old Liverpuddlians who hit two-year-old James Bulger with bricks and left him on a train line in 1993 to be 2split in half by a train, we desperately want to understand why. If we could only understand, maybe we could 3fix it.

Around 1% of children have what experts call “4callous, unemotional traits” – behavior that would be considered psychopathic in an adult.

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Pedro Almodovar exported Spanish identity abroad

What is the essence of being Spanish?

“Being Spanish is not about waving the flag or delivering rants filled with a hatred I hope you don’t feel”

This week, 1in light of events in Catalonia, Laura Moreno de Lara a student from Malaga, posted what being Spanish means to her on Facebook. The post went viral and currently has 256,202 shares

Here, as Spain’s National Day approaches, Nómadas Solidarios puts extracts of her words into English and gathers opinions from other Spaniards about what being Spanish means to them.

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Catalonian independence: an outsider’s view

A look at both sides of the question as October 1 approaches

David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain from 2010 to 2016, became popular in Scotland for allowing the Scots to have an independence referendum in 2014. The Scots voted ‘no’. End of story, at least for now.

Many regions or states have tried and failed to break away from the country they ‘belong’ to. But, unlike Britain, their constitutions make referendums on the 1issue illegal. Texas wanted to be separate from the US in 1869. More recently, Veneto wanted free of Italy and Bavaria of Germany – their demands for a referendum were refused in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

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