Should we feel sorry for Melania Trump?

Marriage isn’t easy at the best of times but when you’re trying to pretend it’s something it’s not, it gets a lot harder, as Melania Trump is discovering.


Intrigued by the apparent 1lack of complicity between the two, social media has focused on one public engagement after another when they appear to be distant and unsupportive of the other, with hashtags like #SaveMelania and #SadMelania.

There was the couple’s arrival at the White House on inauguration day when Donald Trump left his wife behind in his hurry to get his foot in the door. There was the recent 2hand flick in Tel Aviv, when Melania appeared to hit Donald’s hand away from hers; the occasion in Rome when she preferred to touch her hair than take his hand down the steps of Air Force One; the 3scowl when her husband’s back was turned – all indicating that Melania is not happy with her husband or her new role.

It appears that being First Lady was not part of the 4deal as Melania understood it. The deal was supposed to be fame and fortune 5in exchange for, well, fame and fortune. But not this kind of fame or this kind of fortune.

Of course, how could Melania have guessed that her uncivilized husband would get into the White House? It probably seemed more likely that he would end up in jail.

She was prepared for almost anything but this. The rude and vulgar behavior, the degrading remarks – he once said it would be okay if she was in a 6car crash as long as her 7breasts remained intact. She knew what kind of man Donald was when she married him. “He’s a real man,” has been her reply when asked if she objected to any of his antics.

Reality shows, arrogance and misogyny – she was okay with it all. It was the price she was prepared to pay to get where she wanted to be. Her flat mate in New York, photographer Matthew Atanian told Vanity Fair that Melania was too stiff to make a top model. She was always going to be 8second rate, despite her diet and habit of wearing 9weights around her ankles at home. She was not interested in making friends or having a good time, Atanian told the magazine. The only time she went out was to have dinner with older men. She wanted fame and fortune desperately and Donald, who had friends in the modeling business, offered her those things. In return, she would be proof of his virility. That was the deal she understood.

Get back in shape!

After seven years of dating, Melania and Donald married in a $1 million ceremony, and Melania got her 10cover story on American Vogue. Donald was also happy to give her the child she wanted on condition she returned to her original 11shape afterwards. The marriage was, more than most, a series of deals. He gave her the 12gilded New York apartment, she gave him space. “I am not a 13nagging wife,” is one of her most frequent lines.

Lisa Bytner, who did PR for Trump Model Management, told Vanity Fair, “She doesn’t make waves. She only speaks when she’s spoken to. She’s very sweet.”

Neither Melania or Donald are into philanthropy

Now more is expected of her. The Trumps have never been philanthropists so she made cyberbullying her platform. Was this an indirect 14dig at her husband or simply a desperate need to appear passionate about something? So far she has not done much about cyberbullying, or really about anything at all. She wears Dolce & Gabbana jackets worth the average American’s annual salary and costs New York City millions in security as she hides away in Trump Towers with her 11-year-old son Barron.

Save Melania? It is probably more accurate to say we all need saving from our homage to fame and fortune – how else have two of the most materialistic, 15morally bankrupt people on the planet got where they are today?





1lack of: falta de

2hand flick: rechazo de la mano

3scowl: ceño

4deal: trato

5in exchange for: a cambio de

6car crash: accidente de coche

7breasts: pecho

8second rate: de segunda clase

9weights: pesos

10cover story: portada

11shape: figura

12gilded: dorado

13to nag: regañar

14dig: indirecta

15morally bankrupt: bancarrota moral


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