Why do young Brits go crazy abroad?

The summer season is beginning and young 1Brits are 2hopping on planes to resorts such as Magaluf in Majorca and Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, excited at the prospect of 3letting their hair down.


Often they 4board the planes in 5fancy dress costumes that they will continue to wear once they reach their destination, though at times they prefer to wear nothing at all.


There is now a €2,300 6fine for people who 7strip off in the streets of Magaluf while police are patrolling beaches on Segways to limit the numbers of people having sex on the beach.

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Scotland: the very best places to visit

Here are some magical 1highlights to include in your itinerary if the recent Trainspotting sequel has inspired you to head north this summer to this welcoming and curiously romantic corner of the world called Scotland.


Glen Clova – Peter Pan land

One of the five Angus 2glens, Glen Clova is just beyond Kirriemuir where J.M. Barry, the author of Peter Pan grew up. It also 3lies on the 4edge of the Cairngorms National Park.


The 5landscape here has been sculpted by ice and water and feels both wild and pastoral with 6flocks of sheep 7grazing on the hills that are purple with 8heather at this time of year. A river runs through the glen, making it perfect for picnics. It’s also a great place for cycling, fishing and 9hiking with 10 mountains over 914 meters, known in Scotland as Munros.

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Prince Philip: Britain’s most outrageous royal

At 95, Prince Philip should probably be permitted to say what he thinks. It is, after all, one of the few 1perks of old age.


But since he joined the British Royal Family in 1947, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband has been making inappropriate comments that show a tendency to stereotype different nationalities.

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Exercise is important for building brainpower

Want to improve your capacity to learn English vocabulary? German researchers 1funded by the German Research Foundation found that riding an exercise bicycle 2DURING learning improves retention. In a study published in the Public Library of Science (PLoS) several years ago, 81 healthy young German women were given a list of Polish words to learn. The experiment found that those cycling as they memorized the words 3scored highest when tested two days later.


In fact, the link between exercise and the brain is widely recognized, with a 4consensus statement signed last year by eight countries, including the UK, declaring exercise to be vital to mental 5as well as physical health and beneficial to academic 6performance.

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Has Marine Le Pen’s traumatic past made her tough or terrified?

Marine Le Pen, 48, is said to be charming, funny and charismatic. She loves cats and karaoke and on May 7 she could be the next President of France. But behind the charm lies a peculiar past that has 1shaped her vision of the world.

Marine is the daughter of ultra-right 2firebrand Jean-Marie Le Pen, who led France’s National Front from 1972 until 2015, when he referred to the holocaust as a “detail of history” and Marine expelled him from the party.


She spent her early years in a Paris apartment with her three sisters and a 3nanny while her father Jean-Marie and rather beautiful mother Pierette Lalanne held parties and political meetings in the apartment below. Christmas was sometimes spent with nanny too – her parents loved to travel and 4were not always back in time.

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Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 14.09.44

Osas: a Nigerian immigrant sent into limbo by the authorities

The first time I met Nigerian immigrant Osas Eyagbon was at the entrance to Carrefour in Villalba. He wanted to help me with my shopping in return for some 1change. After some months, I asked if he would help me to move an armchair that I had bought second hand. He wanted to 2remove the front door of the 3seller’s apartment to get the chair out. He practically 4had it off, but we persuaded him it was not a good idea and we pushed the chair through the available space instead.


Osas then ran through the streets balancing this armchair on the wheels of a 5shopping trolley for 20 minutes before pulling it up four 6flights of stairs. At the top, he hit his head so hard on the corner of a cupboard that a piece of wood came off. He 7rubbed his head and laughed.

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