Silicon Valley's quest for eternal life

I want to live!

Tech giants spend millions on research into extending the human life span

There are a number of ways to live longer: you can give up smoking, take exercise, eat healthily and less. You can even 1ditch sex – apparently eunuchs live 14 years longer than 2average.

Since 1900, we have gained almost 50 years. While most Spaniards lived to 35 in 1900, they can now hope to get to 83. So it seems only natural that we should be trying to extend our lives again by another 50 years – to say 130. Or does it?

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tourism phobia

Poor Tourist? No thanks!

Tourism-phobia is growing in Europe and poor tourists will suffer

First it’s immigrants, now it’s tourists. From Barcelona to Berlin, locals 1have had it with visitors, particularly poor ones, which, of course, are in the majority.


Tourism brings Spain 11% of its GDP while Amsterdam earns €80 million a year from tourists looking for Dutch 2charm and coffee shops where they can smoke marijuana without having the police breathing down their necks.

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry: Britain’s King of Hearts

Like his mother Princess Diana, Prince Harry is a man of the people. He has a natural way of connecting. Perhaps because he is not afraid of 1embracing his vulnerability.

Researcher Professor at Houston University, Brené Brown says, “Connection is why we’re here. It’s what gives us purpose and meaning to our lives… In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen, vulnerably seen.”

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Walled Off Hotel in the West Bank

Banksy, the West Bank and the Walled Off Hotel

Everyone has heard of the West Bank and Gaza, the Occupied Palestinian Territories. But few have cared to visit the two pieces of land the Palestinians ended up with in 1948, and which have been occupied by the Israelis since the 1967 War. Now, with his Walled Off Hotel that opened in March, Banksy, the anonymous British street artist and colleague of Sam 3, hopes to change that.


Few visit because the West Bank and Gaza are synonymous in our minds with conflict. What happens in this corner of the world has been happening for so long, we have become immune to it. It sounds 1unfair but it is so far away. The conflict looks as though it will never be solved. And it doesn’t affect us.

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ISIS radicalisation con be combatted by the use of non-complementary behaviour

Radicalisation: can it be countered by kindness?

Britain has had three terrorist attacks this year. Along with 47 other countries, including Spain, it is on the list of destinations where another attack is “1highly likely” because of the radicalisation of young Muslims.


Of course, terrorism has always existed – think ETA and the IRA. Now we have Islamic terrorism and the more we try to shut it out with travel 2bans and immigration restrictions, the worse the problem becomes.

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Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 11.54.41

Racist? Me? Do the test…

With the 1backlash against Muslims following terrorism attacks, the anti-immigration feelings behind Brexit and Donald Trump’s proposed travel 2ban for 6 Muslim countries, many people are expressing resistance to an increasingly global reality. But how many of us are prepared to call ourselves racist?


Many psychologists believe that all of us are racist to some degree. The British, the Germans, the Americans, the Indians, the Chinese ­– every nationality under the sun, even the Spanish.

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