Si te apasiona VIAJAR, crees en la SOLIDARIDAD y quieres MEJORAR TU INGLÉS, te invitamos a unirte a un viaje que cambiará tu vida.

¿Qué es un viaje solidario?

Se trata del turismo comunitario que ofrece la oportunidad de sumergirte a tope en la cultura del país elegido, apostando por la independencia económica en el mundo en desarollo.

Viajes solidarios en inglés

Nómadas Solidarios organiza viajes individuales o en grupo al trek comunitario de Nepal y a los turismos comunitaros en Malawi y Uganda, practicando inglés en situaciones auténticas.

Viajes solidarios en grupo

Nómadas Solidarios te ayudará organizar tu viaje, en familia o con amigos, con un rango de itinerarios. Contacta con nosotros y planificamos un experiencia única!

Noticias Para Aprender Inglés


Going bananas off the beaten track in Uganda


When I told my two daughters I was going to Uganda, they laughed. “If you eat a banana, you have to video it!” they said.


Let me explain. Because of some strange childhood trauma, I hate bananas. Now, you are probably thinking this apparently innocuous fruit would be the least of my concerns traveling as a woman alone in a country that produced the demented Last King of Scotland, Idi Amin, and the crazed Joseph Kony whose army of abducted child soldiers terrorized the north until 2006. Not so. As I traveled from one village to another, my only real worry was how inevitable the video was beginning to seem.

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Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 10.59.09

Slum Symphonies


Sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina, Paraguay has one of the fastest growing economies in South America. With growth comes 1wealth. And with wealth comes 2trash. Just outside the capital city of Asuncion is the 3slum of Cateura, built on the 4banks of a river polluted by the chemicals and 5sewage deposited daily in the massive 6landfill that dominates the area.


Why do people choose to live in places like these – places that 7stink and are regularly 8flooded? The answer is simple. The price of land in Paraguay is so high, this 9rubbish dump is all that is left to them.

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Ugandan widows struggle to survive

A National Geographic video about the struggle Ugandan women face to maintain their property after their husbands die.



Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 15.45.24


1Widow: viuda

2To take something from someone: quitar algo a algn.

3To drag: arrastrar

4To threaten: amenazar

5To rape: violar

6To feed: alimentar

7Sorrowful: triste


9To hide something from someone (past = hid): ocultar algo a algn

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